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  • To send us an email please write to us at


  • To send us a message please fill the format and we will answer you as soon as possible.


  • Our Skype is YouCaptions.


When will I receive my subtitles?


YouCaptions has three delivery options; 4 days delivery, 2 days delivery or same day delivery. This will start counting from the moment we receive your order.

In what format will I receive my files?
You will receive your subtitles in .srt format, plus you will receive a script of your video for free in .rtf format
What kind of payment do YouCaptions accept?

We accept credit card payment through our Payoneer and PayPal accounts, the order invoice and the link for the payment will be sent to you in the confirmation email we will send to you once you’ve placed your order. If you are one of our customers you will receive the invoice and the link for payment after the order of subtitles are sent to you.

How to add the subtitles to my video?
Open your YouTube video account manager; select the video you wish to add the subtitles to. Click on the CC button and choose add new subtitle, upload the file we sent you, choose the right language, and that’s it.
What are your working hours?


In YouCaptions we work 24/7 to deliver your professional subtitles & translations on time; customer service working hours are Mon-Sat from 9 am to 6 pm EST UTC-6.


Want to work with us?

Send your CV to and we’ll contact you about opportunities working with us.

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